Dorothy Thompson, ed. The Early Chartists.

Biblioteca / 1970-1979

Dorothy Thompson, ed. The Early Chartists.

Londres: Palgrave Macmillan, 1971.

Dorothy Thompson (1923-2011)




Part I

Origins, Motives and Components of Chartism

1 – Richard Oastler on the Origins of Chartism

2 – Address and Rules of the Working Men’s Association: Brochure to Members issued June 1836

3 – Prospectus of the East London Democratic Association issued January 1837

4 – Bronterre O’Brien’s Account of the Radical Meeting at the Crown and Anchor, 28 February 1837

5 – Petition Adopted at the Crown and Anchor Meeting

6 – Account of Public Meeting of Radicals in Halifax, 22 January 1838

7 – Appeal to the Trade Societies of Bolton from the Bolton Working Men’s Association, 29 July 1839

8 – Address to the People of Bury by Matthew Fletcher

9 – The Autobiography of One of the Chartist Rebels of 1848

Part II

Chartist Propaganda

10 – The Question ‘What is a Chartist?’ Answered

11 – The Just Claims of the Working Classes

12 – Extract from ‘The Rights of Woman’ by R. J. Richardson

13 – Address of the Female Political Union of Newcastle upon Tyne to their Fellow Countrywomen

14 – To the Middle Classes of the North of England

15 – Constitutional Arming

Part III

Chartist Activity

16 – Account of Chartist Rally m Manchester to welcome Peter McDouall· and John Collins on their Release from Gaol

17 – Newcastle Placards, July 1839

18 – The General Convention of the Industrious Classes

19 – Exclusive Dealing

20 – The Sacred Month: Two Articles against the Strike

21 – Arming

22 – Drilling

23 – Report of Meeting to pray for Imprisoned Chartists

Part IV

Clashes with Authority

24 – Extract from ‘The Chartist Outbreak in Llanidloes’ by Edward Hamer

25 – Letter to the Home Secretary from a Newport Magistrate about the Distribution of Arms in the Area

26 – ‘A Night with the Chartists’ by Barnabas Brough

27 – Reports by a Birmingham Police Spy on Meetings of the Local Chartists

Part V

Activity after Newport

28 – Bath: Report of the Hearing before the Magistrates of the Case against the Bath Chartists Arrested for Sedition  

29 – Sheffield: Depositions of Two of the Chartists Arrested after the Attempted Rising

30 – Bradford: Evidence Relating to the Attempted Rising in Bradford

Part VI


31 – Aims and Rules of the National Charter Association

Suggested Further Reading

Index of persons, places, and periodicals

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