Essays in European Economic History, 1789-1914.

Biblioteca /  1960-1969

F. Crouzet – W. Chaloner – W. Stern, eds. Essays in European Economic History, 1789-1914.

Londres: Edward Arnold / The Economic History Society, 1969.

290 páginas.



1848-1830-1789: How Revolutions are Born / E. Labrousse

The Cotton Industry at Ghent during the French Régime / J. Dhondt

The Effects of Nineteenth-Century Liberal Agrarian Reforms on Social Structure in Central Europe / Werner Conze

Structural Change in the Rhenish Linen and Cotton Trades at the Outset of Industrialization / Gerhard Adelmann

The Railway Policy of the Second Empire / M. Blanchard

The Old Bank and the New: The Financial Revolution of the Nineteenth Century / D. Landes

Economic Fluctuations in the Netherlands in the Nineteenth Century / I. J. Brugmans

Industrial Crises in Russia 1847-67 / S. Strumilin

The Coal Age and the Rise of Coalfields in the North and the Pas-de-Calais / Marcel Gillet

The Italian Economy in the First Decade after Unification / G. Luzzatto

Outline of the History of German Cartels from 1873 to 1914 / Erich Maschke

Structural Change and Economic Growth: Sweden in the Nineteenth Century / Lennart Jörberg