Richard Biernacki. The Fabrication of Labor.

Biblioteca /  1990-1999

Richard Biernacki. The Fabrication of Labor. Germany and Britain, 1640-1914.

Berkeley: University of California Press, 1997.

580 páginas.


1 – Introduction


The Cultural Structure of the Workplace

2 – Concepts and Practices of Labor

3 – The Control of Time and Space

4 – The Cultural Location of Overlookers


Pathways to the Definition of Labor as a Commodity

5 – The Disjoint Recognition of Markets in Britain

6 – The Fused and Uneven Recognition of Markets in Germany

7 – A Conjunctural Model of Labor’s Emergence in Words and Institutions


The Structure of the Workers’ Countersigns

8 – The Monetization of Time

9 – Theories of Exploitation in the Workers’ Movements

10 – The Guiding Forms of Collective Action

11 – Conclusion: Under the Aegis of Culture

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