G.D.H. Cole. British Working Class Politics, 1832-1914.

Biblioteca / 1940-1949

George D. H. Cole. British Working Class Politics, 1832-1914.

Londres: The Labour Book Service, 1941.

Londres: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1965.

330 páginas.


I – The Background

Five Reform Acts

The Growth of the Electorate

Class-Structure and Economic Development

II – The Beginnings

From Radical Reform to the Chartists

III – The Second Reform Movement

From the Decline of Chartism to the Reform Act of 1867

IV – Labour Representation—The First Effort

The London Working Men’s Association and the Election of 1868

V – The First Workmen M.P.s

The Labour Representation League and the Election of 1874

VI – Decline and Fall

The Last Years of the Labour Representation League

Trade Unionism in Depression

VII – The New Radicalism and the Rise of Socialism

Bradlaugh, Dilke, and Chamberlain

The Social Democratic Federation

The Socialist League

Socialists and the Unemployed

VIII – The Trade Unions and Politics

The Trades Union Congress and the Labour Electoral Association

The ‘Lib-Labs.’

IX – The New Utilitarians

The Rise of the Fabian Society

X – The Trade Union Awakening

New Unionism and the Dock Strike of 1889

The Scottish Labour Party

The Election of 1892 and the First Independent Labour M.P.s

Blatchford’s Clarion

XI – The Independent Labour Party

The Bradford Conference of 1893

The Election of 1895

XII – Socialism and the Trade Unions

The Trades Union Congress in the ’Nineties

The Formation of the Labour Representation Committee

The ‘Khaki’ Election of 1900

XIII – The Labour Representation Committee

The Legal Challenge to Trade Unionism

The Taff Vale Judgment

XIV – The Coming of the Labour Party

The Election of 1906

The Liberal-Labour Victory

XV – Victory—The Challenge Renewed

Labour and Liberalism, 1906-09

The Trade Disputes Act

The Osborne Judgment

XVI – Labour and the Constitutional Crisis

The Budget of 1909

The Struggle with the Lords

The Two Elections of 1910

Labour’s Leaders

XVII – The Labour Unrest

The National Insurance Act

The Irish Crisis

Syndicalism and the Servile State

XVIII – The Labour Party Machine

The Development of Labour Party Organization, 1900-14

The Labour Party, the I.L.P., and the Trade Unions

XIX – Epilogue

Labour and Politics, 1900 to 1940


I – Radical and Labour Representation in Parliament from 1800 to 1914

II – Labour Party Statistics

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