Hanagan – Stephenson, eds. Proletarians and Protest.

Biblioteca / 1980-1989

Michael Hanagan – Charles Stephenson, editors. Proletarians and Protest. The Roots of Class Formation in an Industrializing World.

Nueva York: Greenwood Press, 1986.

270 páginas.


1 – Introduction / Michael Hanagan and Charles Stephenson

2 – Workers and Industrialization in Scandinavia, 1750-1940 / Flemming Mikkelsen

3 – The Persistence of Precapitalist Relations of Production in a Tropical Export Economy: The Amazon Rubber Trade, 1850-1920 / Barbara Weinstein

4 – Agriculture and Industry in the Nineteenth-Century Stéphanois: Household Employment Patterns and the Rise of a Permanent Proletariat / Michael Hanagan

5 – Urban Structure, Migration, and Worker Militancy: A Comparative Study of French Urbanization / Leslie Page Moch

6 – Lyonnais, Lombardy, and Labor in Industrialization / Louise A. Tilly

7 – Images of the Peasant in the Consciousness of the Venezuelan Proletariat / William Roseberry

8 – Migrants and Working-Class Consciousness in Kenya / Sharon Stichter

9 – Labor Migration, Class Formation, and Class Consciousness among Peruvian Miners: The Central Highlands, 1900-1930 / Florencia E. Mallon

Annotated Bibliography