Rule – Malcolmson, eds. Protest and Survival. Essays for E.P. Thompson.

Biblioteca / 1990-1999

John Rule – Robert Malcolmson, editors. Protest and Survival. Essays for E. P. Thompson.

Londres: Merlin Press, 1993.

Nueva York: New Press, 1993.

430 páginas.



1 – Edward Thompson as a Teacher: Yorkshire and Warwick / Peter Searby and the Editors

2 – An Eighteenth-Century Peasantry / J.M. Neeson

3 – The Laws of God and the Laws of Man: Lord George Gordon and the Death Penalty / Douglas Hay

4 – Trade Unions, the Government and the French Revolution, 1789-1802 / John Rule

5 – William Blake and the Great Eastcheap Orthodoxy / Alec Morley

6 – A Little Jubilee? The Literacy of Robert Wedderburn in 1817 / Peter Linebaugh

7 – The Fabrication of Deviance: ‘Dangerous Classes’ and ‘Criminal Classes’ in Victorian England / Victor Bailey

8 – ‘Our Party is the People’: Edward Carpenter and Radicalism in Sheffield / Sheila Rowbotham

9 – The Forward March of Labour Started? Building a Politicized Class Culture in West Ham, 1898-1900 / Leon Fink

10 – Feminist, Socialist, Antiwar Agitator: Sylvia Pankhurst and the Great War / Barbara Winslow

11 – On the Waterfront: Black, Italian and Irish Longshoremen in the New York Harbour Strike of 1919 / Calvin Winslow

12 – Fear and Hope in the Nuclear Age / Robert Malcolmson

E.P. Thompson: A Select Bibliography / Harvey J. Kaye and Keith McClelland