Vincent Peloso, ed. Work, Protest, and Identity in Twentieth-Century Latin America.

Biblioteca / 2000-2009

Vincent Peloso, editor. Work, Protest, and Identity in Twentieth-Century Latin America.

Wilmington: Scholarly Resources, 2003.

370 páginas.


Introduction / Vincent C. Peloso

 Immigration and Race in Cuba / Alejandro de la Fuente

Rebellion against Vaccination in Rio de Janeiro / Jeffrey D. Needell

General Strike in Montevideo / Anton Rosenthal

Women, Men(?), and a Strike in Colombian Mills / Ann Farnsworth-Alvear

Laws against a “Working” Middle Class in Peru / David S. Parker

Race, Gender, and Protest in Ecuador / Marc Becker

Races and Cultures in the Venezuelan Oil Fields / Miguel Tinker-Salas

Women and the Right to (Needle)Work in Puerto Rico / Maria del Carmen Baerga

Colombian Bananas, Peasants, and Wage Workers / Catherine LeGrand

Labor Control in the Declining Mexican Revolution / Norman Caulfield

The Human Details and Argentine Militancy / Rachel May

Copper Workers and Popular Protest in Chile / Thomas Miller Klubock

Brazilian Workers and Democracy / Anthony W. Pereira

Looking Ahead: Workers and Radical Christianity / Michael F. Jimenez

Latin America’s New Social Landscape: Who Will Be the Workers? / Kenneth M. Roberts

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