James Eaden – David Renton. The Communist Party of Great Britain since 1920.

Biblioteca /  2000-2009

James Eaden – David Renton. The Communist Party of Great Britain since 1920.

Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2002.

220 páginas.


Introduction: the Rise and Decline of British Bolshevism

Primary sources

Secondary sources

1 – High Hopes: 1920–28

Before the Bolsheviks




General Strike

Left turn

2 – The Zig-Zag Left: 1928–39

Isolation and the new line

Challenges – right and left

The line changes (1)

The line changes (2)

Cable Street

Aid Spain

Moscow Trials

3 – The Party at War: its Finest Hour?

Imperialist war: ‘what are we fighting for?’

‘Don’t you know there’s a war on?’: putting the line into practice

What sort of party?

June 1941: all change

‘The issue is clear: victory over the fascist barbarians…’

‘Everything for the Front must be the rallying call…’

The electoral truce


4 – Past its Peak: 1945–56

Revolutionaries and labour

The Cold War (1)

The party in crisis

The Cold War (2)

5 – The Monolith Cracks: 1956–68

The New Left

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Building in the unions

Moscow or Peking?

Party life in the 1960s

The parliamentary road


6 – Not Fade Away: from 1968 to Dissolution

Street-fighting man: students and the anti-Vietnam War protests

The British Disease: industrial militancy

Up against the law: fighting the Industrial Relations Act

White-collar workers

Labour in office

Anti-racism and anti-fascism: missing the boat

Gramsci, Eurocommunism and Marxism Today

The rise and fall of Bennism

Death throes

Dissolution and aftermath

7 – Conclusion