James Retallack. Red Saxony.

James Retallack. Red Saxony. Election Battles and the Spectre of Democracy in Germany, 1860-1918.

Oxford University Press, 2017.

730 páginas.


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Election Battles and Democratization

Socialists and Others

Saxony and the Reich

1 – On the Threshold of a New Age

Saxony’s Modernization

Electoral Politics in the Old Key

“New Ideas are Filling the World”

2 – The Possibilities of Liberal Reform

The Reichstag Elections of February 1867

Saxony and the North German Confederation

The Landtag Suffrage Reform of 1868

A “Liberal Era”?

3 – Enemies of the Reich

The Rise of Saxon Social Democracy

Red Saxony? The Shock of January 1874

The Struggle Against Subversion

4 – The Struggle Against Revolution

The National Context

Saxony’s Contribution

In the Trenches

“Valid”—“Not Valid”

5 – Against Liberalism and the Jews

Liberalism Adrift

Conservatives and Radical Antisemites

6 – Authoritarianism Under Siege

“1,427,298 Social Democratic Voters!”

Rowdy Business

Politics in an Off Key

7 – Suffrage Reform as Coup d ’État

“For Religion, Morality, and Order”

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

High Tide

8 – “Red Saxony!”

High Stakes, 1903

A Way Forward?

9 – Deflecting Democracy

“The Decent Opinion of Mankind”

Saxon Models

10 – Crisis and Retrenchment

Power of the Street

Holding the Line, January 1907

11 – Dance

A House Divided

Democracy in Disappearing Ink

12 – Politics in a New Key

Praxis, October 1909


Casting Ballots, Casting Stones

13 – Adrift

A Lost Half-Decade


Licking Wounds

Suffrage Reform: Right, Half Turn!

14 – Democracy Deferred

The Crucible of War

The Curious Republic of Gondour

Conclusion: The Spectre of Democracy


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