Jeremiah Schneiderman. Sergei Zubatov and Revolutionary Marxism.

Biblioteca / 1970-1979

Jeremiah Schneiderman. Sergei Zubatov and Revolutionary Marxism: the Struggle for the Working Class in Tsarist Russia.  

Primera edición, Ithaca, N.Y., Cornell University Press, 1976, 405 páginas.



1. The Tsarist Government and the Labor Question

2. Sergei Zubatov: Career and Ideology

3. The Moscow Zubatovshchina: Background

4. The Moscow Zubatovshchina: The Early Phases

5. The Guzhon Affair

6. The Zubatovshchina in Petersburg and Moscow, 1902-1905

7. The Struggle against Social Democracy

8. Zubatov and the Bund

9. The Jewish Independent Labor Party

10. The Vilna Episode and the End of the Minsk Zubatovshchina

11. The Odessa Independents

12. The Odessa General Strike

13. The Authorities, the Socialists, and the General Strike

14. Epilogue

15. Conclusion


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