Walter Sablinsky. The Road to Bloody Sunday.

Biblioteca / 1970-1979

Walter Sablinsky. The Road to Bloody Sunday: Father Gapon and the St. Petersburg Massacre of 1905.  

Primera edición, Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey, 1976, 430 páginas.



Chapter I  –  Introduction: St. Petersburg Workers before 1905

Chapter II  –  Father Georgii Gapon

Chapter III  –  Zubatov in St. Petersburg

Chapter IV  –  The Assembly of the Russian Factory and Mill Workers of the City of St. Petersburg

Chapter V  –  “The Spring”: The Ministry of Sviatopolk-Mirskii

Chapter VI  –  The Putilov Strike

Chapter VII  –  The Turn to Politics

Chapter VIII  –  “To the Tsar!”

Chapter IX  –  Bloody Sunday: January 9, 1905

Chapter X  –  Conclusion: St. Petersburg Workers after Bloody Sunday

Chapter XI  –  Epilogue: The End of Father Gapon


      I. The Statutes of the Assembly

      II. The Petition of January 9

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