Kaan Kangal. Friedrich Engels and the Dialectics of Nature.

Biblioteca / 2020-2029

Kaan Kangal. Friedrich Engels and the Dialectics of Nature.

Londres: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020.

215 páginas.


1 – Introduction: Neue Engels-Lektüre

2 – After Engels, After Marx

Marx, Engels and Authenticity

The Politics of Reading Engels

Hermeneutic Concerns

Author, Text and Reader

Structures of Argumentation

3 – The Origins of the Engels Debate

The Hegel Problem

Early Socialist Debates

The Lukács Controversy

The Birth of Dialectics of Nature

Deborinites Versus Mechanists

The Marx-Engels Problem


4 – Dialectics of Nature Between Politics and Philosophy

Function of Theory

Role of Intellectuals

Relevance of Philosophy

Marx’s Unwritten ‘Dialectics’ and Engels’ Project

Motives Behind Dialectics of Nature

5 – Dialectics in Dialectics of Nature

General Premises and Goals

Hegel in Naturdialektik


Engels’ ‘Determinations of Reflection’

The Aristotle-Hegel Alignment

Engels Against Kant

Metaphysics and Idealism

Plan 1878, Plan 1880 and Four Folders

6 – Conclusion: What Is Dialectics of Nature?

Aristotle, Kant and Hegel

Engels in Dialogue with His Precursors

Engels in Dialogue with His Readers

The Torso