L. Douds, J. Harris and P. Whitewood (eds.) The Fate of the Bolshevik Revolution. Illiberal Liberation, 1917-41.

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L. Douds, J. Harris and P. Whitewood (eds.) The Fate of the Bolshevik Revolution. Illiberal Liberation, 1917-41.  

Primera edición, Londres, Bloomsbury, 2020, 337 páginas.


Introduction: Illiberal Liberation, 1917-41 / Lara Douds, James Harris and Peter Whitewood

Part I Bolshevik Ideology and Practice

1 Dictatorship Unlimited: Lenin on the State, March-November 1917 / Erik van Ree

2 The Permanent Campaign and the Fate of Political Freedom in Russia / Lars T. Lih

Part II Workers’ Democracy and Soviet State-Building

3 Local Government, Disorder and the Origins of the Soviet State, 1917-18 / Dakota Irvin

4 Lenin’s ‘Living Link’? Petitioning the Ruler across the Revolutionary Divide / Lara Douds

5 The Communist Party and the Late 1930s Soviet Democracy Campaigns: Origins and Outcomes / Yiannis Kokosalakis

Part III Internal Party Democracy

6 Trotsky and the Questions of Agency, Democracy and Dictatorship in the USSR, 1917–40 / Ian D. Thatcher

7 Discipline versus Democracy: The 1923 Party Controversy / James Harris

Part IV Repression and Moderation

8 Democracy and Violence, 1917-37 / J. Arch Getty

9 Stalinist Moderation and the Turn to Repression: Utopianism and Realpolitik in the Mid-1930s / Olga Velikanova

Part V National Tensions and International Threats

10 Debating the Early Soviet Nationalities Policy: The Case of Soviet Ukraine / Olena Palko

11 The International Situation: Fear of Invasion and Growing Authoritarianism / Peter Whitewood

Part VI Culture and Society: Experimentation and Control

12 Bolshevik Revolution and the Enlightenment of the People / Sheila Fitzpatrick

13 Walking the Razor’s Edge: The Origins of Soviet Censorship / Polly Corrigan

14 Revolutionary Participation, Youthful Civic-Mindedness / Andy Willimott

15 Liberation and Authoritarianism in the Early Soviet Campaign to ‘Struggle with Prostitution’ / Siobhán Hearne

16 Soviet Canteens in Pre-War USSR, 1917-41: Promises of Emancipation and Everyday Violence / François-Xavier Nérard


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