The Cambridge History of Communism, 3 vols.

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The Cambridge History of Communism.  

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017. 

Volumen I: World Revolution and Socialism in One Country, 1917-1941, editado por Silvio Pons y Stephen Smith. xx, 655 páginas.

Volumen II: The Socialist Camp and World Power, 1941-1960s, editado por Norman Naimark, Silvio Pons y Sophie Quinn-Judge. xvi, 684 páginas.

Volumen III: Endgames? Late Communism in Global Perspective, 1968 to the Present, editado por Juliane Fürst, Silvio Pons y Mark Selden. xv, 645 páginas.


Volume I

General Introduction / Silvio Pons

Introduction to Volume I / Silvio Pons and Stephen A. Smith



1. Marxism and Socialist Revolution / Geoff Eley

2. The Russian Revolution and Civil War / Rex A. Wade

3. Revolution and Counterrevolution in Europe 1917–1923 / John Newman

4. Lenin as Historical Personality / Robert Service

5. Bolshevik Roots of International Communism / Lars T. Lih

6. Stalin as Historical Personality / James Harris

7. Trotsky and Trotskyism / Bertrand Patenaude

8. Communism and the Crisis of the Colonial System / Sobhanlal Datta Gupta

9. The Comintern as a World Network / Serge Wolikow

10. The Popular Fronts and the Civil War in Spain / Tim Rees



11. Communism, Violence and Terror / Hiroaki Kuromiya

12. The Soviet Government 1917-1941 / E. A. Rees

13. Migration and Social Transformations in Soviet Society 1917-1941 / Lewis Siegelbaum

14. Foundations of the Soviet Command Economy 1917-1941 / Mark Harrison

15. The Soviet State and Workers / Donald Filtzer

16. The Soviet State and Peasants / Nicolas Werth

17. Bolshevik Feminism and Gender Agendas of Communism / Anna Krylova

18. Communism, Nations and Nationalism / Andrea Graziosi

19. Communism, Youth and Generation / Matthias Neumann

20. Communism as Existential Choice / Brigitte Studer

21. Communism and Intellectuals / Michael David-Fox

22. Cults of the Individual / Kevin Morgan

23. German Communism / Eric Weitz

24. The Chinese Communist Movement 1919-1949 / Alexander Pantsov

25. Communism on the Frontier: The Sovietization of Central Asia and Mongolia / Adeeb Khalid


Volume II

Introduction to Volume II / Norman Naimark, Silvio Pons and Sophie Quinn-Judge



1. World War II, Soviet Power and International Communism / Evan Mawdsley

2. Anti-Fascist Resistance Movements in Europe and Asia During World War II / Alfred Rieber

3. The Sovietization of East Central Europe 1945-1989 / Norman Naimark

4. The Chinese Communist Revolution and the World / Chen Jian

5. Nikita Khrushchev and De-Stalinization in the Soviet Union 1953-1964 / Jörg Baberowski

6. The Changing Pattern of Soviet–East European Relations 1953-1968 / Mark Kramer

7. Post-Stalinist Reformism and the Prague Spring / Pavel Kolár

8. The Socialist Modernization of China Between Soviet Model and National Specificity 1949-1960s / Thomas Bernstein

9. The Chinese Cultural Revolution / Andrew Walder

10. The Rise and the Fall of the Sino-Soviet Alliance 1949-1989 / Sergey Radchenko

11. Mao Zedong as a Historical Personality / Daniel Leese

12. Cold War Anti-Communism and the Impact of Communism on the West / Federico Romero



13. Communism, Decolonization and the Third World / Andreas Hilger

14. The Socialist Camp and the Challenge of Economic Modernization in the Third World / Sara Lorenzini

15. The Cuban Revolution: The First Decade / Piero Gleijeses

16. Latin American Communism / Victor Figueroa Clark

17. The History of the Vietnamese Communist Party 1941-1975 / Sophie Quinn-Judge

18. Korean Communism: From Soviet Occupation to Kim Family Regime / Charles Armstrong

19. Indonesian Communism: The Perils of the Parliamentary Path / John Roosa

20. Communism in India / Hari Vasudevan

21. Comparing African Experiences of Communism / Allison Drew

22. Communism in the Arab World and Iran / Johan Franzén

23. Yugoslav Communism and the Yugoslav State / Ivo Banac

24. Italian Communism / Giovanni Gozzini

25. The French Communist Party / Marc Lazar

26. American Communism / Phillip Deery


Volume III

Introduction to Volume III / Juliane Fürst, Silvio Pons and Mark Selden



1. The Global 1968 and International Communism / Robert Gildea

2. The Vietnam War as a World Event / Marilyn Young and Sophie Quinn-Judge

3. The Soviet Union and the Global Cold War / Artemy Kalinovsky

4. Marxist Revolutions and Regimes in Latin America and Africa in the 1970s / Piero Gleijeses

5. Cambodia: Detonator of Communism’s Implosion / Ben Kiernan

6. Human Rights and Communism / Mark Bradley

7. Reform Communism / Silvio Pons and Michele di Donato

8. The Decline of Soviet-Type Economies / André Steiner

9. Europe’s “1989” in Global Context / James Mark and Tobias Rupprecht

10. The Collapse of the Soviet Union / Vladislav Zubok



11. The Aging Pioneer: Late Soviet Socialist Society, Its Challenges and Challengers / Juliane Fürst and Stephen Bittner

12. Communism and Religion / Stephen Smith

13. Visualizing the Socialist Public Sphere / Reuben Fowkes

14. Communist Propaganda and Media in the Era of the Cold War / Stephen Lovell

15. The Zones of Late Socialist Literature / Polly Jones

16. Feminism, Communism and Global Socialism: Encounters and Entanglements / Celia Donert

17. The Communist and Postsocialist Gender Order in Russia and China / Marko Dumancic



18. Make Some Get Rich First: State Consumerism and Private Enterprise in the Creation of Postsocialist China / Karl Gerth

19. China’s Human Development After Socialism / Carl Riskin

20. China’s Postsocialist Transformation and Global Resurgence: Political Economy and Geopolitics / Ho-Fung Hung and Mark Selden

21. Communism and Environment / Douglas Weiner

22. Legacies of Communism: Comparative Remarks / Jan Behrends

23. State Communism at 100: Remembering and Forgetting the Russian Revolution / Jan Plamper

24. Thirty Years After: The End of European Communism in Historical Perspective / Charles Maier