LaPorte-Worley-Morgan, eds. Bolshevism, Stalinism and the Comintern.

Biblioteca / 2000-2009

Norman LaPorte, Matthew Worley, Kevin Morgan, eds. Bolshevism, Stalinism and the Comintern: Perspectives on Stalinization, 1917-53.

Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008.


1 – Introduction: Stalinization and Communist Historiography / Norman LaPorte, Kevin Morgan and Matthew Worley

2 – The Stalinization of the KPD: Old and New Views / Hermann Weber

3 – Stalinization: Balance Sheet of a Complex Notion / Brigitte Studer

4 – The Central Bodies of the Comintern: Stalinization and Changing Social Composition / Peter Huber

5 – The Impact of ‘Bolshevization’ and ‘Stalinization’ on French and German Communism: A Comparative View / Andreas Wirsching

6 – Paul Levi and the Turning Point of 1921: Bolshevik Emissaries and International Discipline in the Time of Lenin / Jean-François Fayet

7 – ‘Kings among their subjects’? Ernst Thälmann, Harry Pollitt and the Leadership Cult as Stalinization / Norman LaPorte and Kevin Morgan

8 – Stalinization and the Communist Party of Italy / Aldo Agosti

9 – The Spanish Civil War and the Routes of Stalinization / Gina Hermann

10 – Finnish Communism, Bolshevization and Stalinization / Tauno Saarela

11 – To Make the Nation or to Break It: Communist Dilemmas in Two Interwar Multinational States / Ben Fowkes

12 – Testing the Limits: Stalinization and the New Zealand and British Communist Parties / Kerry Taylor and Matthew Worley

13 – From Bolshevism to Stalinism: Communism and the Comintern in Ireland / Emmet O’Connor

14 – ‘Their unCommunist Stand’: Chicago’s Foreign Language-Speaking Communists and the Question of Stalinization, 1928–35 / Randi Storch

15 – The Profintern and the ‘Syndicalist Current’ in the United States / Edward P. Johanningsmeier

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