Rees – Thorpe, eds. International Communism and the Communist International, 1919-1943.

Biblioteca / 1990-1999

Tim Rees – Andrew Thorpe, eds. International Communism and the Communist International, 1919-1943.

Mánchester: Manchester University Press, 1999.



Part I

The view from the centre

1 – Zimmerwald and the origins of the Third International / David Kirby

2 – The history of the Comintern in light of new documents / Kevin McDermott

3 – Structure of the Moscow apparatus of the Comintern and decision-making / Peter Huber 

Part II

The parties and the Comintern: Europe

4 – The Communist International and the British Communist Party / Andrew Thorpe

5 – The Communist International and a ‘Trotskyite menace’ to the British Communist movement on the eve of World War II / Yevgeny Sergeev

6 – French communism and the Communist International / Guillaume Bourgeois

7 – The Comintern and the Italian Communist Party in light of new documents, 1921-40 / Aldo Agosti

8 – The testing-ground of world revolution: Germany in the 1920s / Aleksandr Vatlin

9 – From Lenin’s comrades in arms to ‘Dutch donkeys’: the Communist Party in the Netherlands and the Comintern inthe 1920s / Gerrit Voerman

10 – The highpoint of Comintern influence? The Communist Party and the Civil War in Spain / Tim Rees

11 – Nationalist or internationalist? The Portuguese Communist Party’s autonomy and the Communist International / Carlos Cunha

12 – The Communist Party of Greece and the Comintern: evaluations, instructions and subordination / Artiem Ulunian

13 – Tito and the twilight of the Comintern / Geoffrey Swain

Part III

The parties and the Comintern: the Americas and Asia

14 – The Communist International and the American Communist Party / Hugh Wilford

15 – From Caribbean backwater to revolutionary opportunity: Cuba’s evolving relationship with the Comintern, 1925-34 / Barry Carr

16 – The Comintern, the Chinese Communist Party and the three armed uprisings in Shanghai, 1926-27 / S.A. Smith

17 – Peasants and the Peoples of the East: Indians and the rhetoric of the Comintern / Wendy Singer

18 – The Comintern and the Japanese Communist Party / Sandra Wilson

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