Larry Griffin – Marcel van der Linden, eds. New Methods for Social History.

Biblioteca / 1990-1999

Larry Griffin – Marcel van der Linden, editors. New Methods for Social History.

International Review of Social History / Supplement 6.

Cambridge University Press, 1999.

165 páginas.


Introduction / Larry J. Griffin and Marcel van der Linden

Temporally Recursive Regression and Social Historical Inquiry: An Example of Cross-Movement Militancy Spillover / Larry Lsaac, Larry Christiansen, Jamie Miller and Tim Nickel

Using Event History Analysis in Historical Research: With Illustrations from a Study of the Passage of Women’s Protective Legislation / Holly J. McCammon

Incorporating Space into Social Histories: How Spatial Processes Operate and How We Observe Them / Glenn Deane, E.M. Beck and Stewart E. Tolnay

Narrative as Data: Linguistic and Statistical Tools for the Quantitative Study of Historical Events / Roberto Franzosi

The Logic of Qualitative Comparative Analysis / Charles C. Ragin

Historical Social Network Analysis / Charles Wetherell

Historical Inference and Event-Structure Analysis / Larry J. Griffin and Robert R. Korstad