Michiel Baud – Rosanne Rutten, eds. Popular Intellectuals and Social Movements.

Biblioteca / 2000-2009

Michiel Baud – Rosanne Rutten, editors. Popular Intellectuals and Social Movements: Framing Protest in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

International Review of Social History / Supplement 12.

Cambridge University Press, 2004.

220 páginas.


Introduction / Michiel Baud and Rosanne Rutten

Framing, Transnational Diffusion, and African-American Intellectuals in the Land of Gandhi / Sean Chabot

Indigenous Communists and Urban Intellectuals in Cayambe, Ecuador (1926-1944) / Marc Becker

Reforming Mysticism: Sindhi Separatist Intellectuals in Pakistan / Oskar Verkaaik

Unemployed Intellectuals in the Sahara: The Teshumara Nationalist Movement and the Revolutions in Tuareg Society / Baz Lecocq

Between Sovereignty and Culture: Who is an Indigenous Intellectual in Colombia? / Joanne Rappaport

Critics and Experts, Activists and Academics: Intellectuals in the Fight for Social and Ecological Justice in the Narmada Valley, India / Pablo S. Bose

Framing Jihad: Intramovement Framing Contests and al-Qaeda’s Struggle for Sacred Authority / Quintan Wiktorowicz

Popular Publics: Street Protest and Plaza Preachers in Caracas / David Smilde

Concluding Remarks: Framing Protest in Asia, Africa, and Latin America / Rosanne Rutten and Michiel Baud