Theo Nichols, ed. Capital and Labour.

Biblioteca / 1980-1989

Theo Nichols, editor. Capital and Labour. Studies in the Capitalist Labour Process.

Londres: Athlone Press, 1980.

470 páginas.




Part I

The Capitalist Labour Process


1 – Marx on the Labour Process

The Labour Process and Valorization / Karl Marx

The Factory / Karl Marx

Part II

Forced and Free Labour


2 – The Labour Contract

‘Chibaro’: Forced Mine Labour in Southern Rhodesia, 1903-12 / Charles van Onselen

Labour and the State in Nazi Germany / Ernest Mandel

Part III

The Reproduction of the Labour Force


3 – Migrant Labour

The Function of Labour Immigration in Western European Capitalism / Stephen Castles and Godula Kosack

Migrant Labour in South Africa and the United States / Michael Burawoy

4 – The Family

A Political Economy of the Family in Capitalism: Women, Reproduction and Wage Labour / Jackie West

5 – Education and Work

Education and the Long Shadow of Work / Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis

Working-Class Kids and Working-Class / Jobs Paul Willis

Part IV

Management and its Relation to Capital and Labour


6 – Managers and Class

Relations A Marxist View of Ownership and Control / Michel de Vroey

The Origins and Functions of Hierarchy in Capitalist Production / Stephen Marglin

The Proletarianization of the Employees / Guglielmo Carchedi

Part V

The Labour Process and Class Struggle


7 – Payment Systems and Productivity

Piecework and ‘Looting’ / Miklos Haraszti

The ‘Lump’ in the UK Construction Industry / Terry Austrin

UK Productivity Dealing in the 1960s / Martyn Nightingale

8 – Scientific Management

The Transformation of Office Work / Harry Braverman

Monopoly Capitalism and the Impact of Taylorism: Notes on Lenin, Gramsci, Braverman and Sohn-Rethel / Tony Eiger and Bill Schwarz

9 – ‘Participation’

The Meaning of ‘Job Enrichment’ / Michel Bosquet

Participation: the Pattern and its Significance / Harvie Ramsay

10 – Repression and Incorporation

Fear Stuff, Sweet Stuff and Evil Stuff: Management’s Defenses Against Unionization in the South / Donald F. Roy

Italy’s FIAT in Turin in the 1950s / Hilary Partridge

‘ChemCo’, – Bureaucratic Control and Psycho-Sociology in England in the Early 1970s / Theo Nichols and Huw Beynon

Planning, Strategy and Capitalist Crisis / Ernest Mandel