Louise Bryant. Six Red Months in Russia.

Biblioteca / 1910-1919

Louise Bryant. Six Red Months in Russia.  

Nueva York: George H. Doran, 1918.

300 páginas.

Louise Bryant (1885-1936)



I – On the Wat to Russia

II – From the Frontier to Petrograd

III – Petrograd

IV – Smolny

V – Explanation op Political Parties

VI – The Democratic Congress

VII – The Preparliament and the Soviet of the Russian Republic

VIII – The Fall of the Winter Palace

IX – The Constituent Assembly

X – Katherine Breshkovsky

XI – Kerensky

XII – Two Ministers of Welfare — Panina and Kollontay

XIII – Lenine and Trotsky

XIV – A Triumvirate — Antonoff, Krylenko, Dubenko

XV – Marie Spirodonova

XVI – From One Army to the Other

XVII – Red Guards and Cossacks

XVIII – The Red Burial

XIX – Revolutionary Tribunal

XX – The Foreign Office

XXI – Women Soldiers

XXII – Free Speech

XXIII – Street Fighting

XXXV – Men of Honour

XXV – German Propaganda

XXVI – Russian Children

XXVII – The Decline of the Church

XXVIII – Odds and Ends of Revolution

XXIX – A Talk with the Enemy

XXX – Shopping in Germany

XXXI – Adventures as a Bolshevik Courier