Max Eastman. Since Lenin Died.

Biblioteca / 1920-1929

Max Eastman. Since Lenin Died.  

Nueva York: Boni and Liveright, 1925.

158 páginas.


I – Lenin and Trotsky

II – The Anti-Bonaparte Fraction

III – The Testament of Lenin

IV – The Resolution on Workers’ Democracy

V – Trotsky’s Bad Tactics

VI – Stalin’s Assault

VII – Zinoviev Creates A Panic

VIII – Bucharin Falsifies History

IX – They Defend “Leninism”

X – Trotsky’s Personal Reaction

XI – The Meaning of the Dispute

XII – Real Economic Differences

XIII – The Peasant Question

XIV – Recent Events



I – Lunacharsky on Trotsky’s Character

II – The Dispute about the Trade Unions

III – The “Retreat” of Zinoviev and Kamenev

IV – Trotsky’s Letter to the Central Committee

V – The Reply of the Politburo

VI – Trotsky’s Letter on the New Course

VII – What Was Meant by “The Opposition”

VIII – Trotsky’s Letter of Resignation