Lucjan Blit. The Origins of Polish Socialism.

Biblioteca / 1970-1979

Lucjan Blit. The Origins of Polish Socialism: The History and Ideas of the First Polish Socialist Party, 1878-1886.

Cambridge University Press, 1971. 160 páginas.



1 – The Defeated Past

The last battle

The changing society

‘No more dreams, gentlemen’

2 – A New Generation

The socialist students

Ludwik Waryński

3 – The Beginning

The ‘Programme of Polish Socialists’ (1878)

Arrests and emigration

4 – A party of Marxist Revolutionaries

The formation of the Social Revolutionary Party ‘Proletariat’

‘Proletariat’: its programme and organisation

The party in action

World revolution or nation?

5 – Time of Success

On the crest of the wave

The underground periodical

6 – Time of Terror

A changing party

The curtain falls

7 – The Government’s Revenge

The last act

8 – The Inheritance

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