Paolo Spriano. The Occupation of the Factories: Italy 1920.

Biblioteca / 1970-1979

Paolo Spriano. The Occupation of the Factories: Italy 1920.

Primera edición italiana, L’Occupazione delle fabbriche: settembre 1920, Turín, Einaudi, 1964.

Primera edición en inglés, Londres, Pluto Press, 1975. Traducción de Gwyn Williams.


Translator’s Introduction

Preface to the 1968 Edition


1. The Protagonists

2. The First Phase of the Dispute

3. From Go-Slow to Lockout

4. The Occupation of the Factories

5. The Government’s ‘Non-Intervention’

6. Revolution by Ballot

7. Giolitti’s Masterpiece

8. The Response

9. The Last Week

10. Was it really the Revolutionary Moment?



I. The Action of the Giolitti Government

II. The Participation of the Railwaymen

III. The Climax

IV. The Resistance of the Employers

V. Power to the CGL?

VI. The Travail of Arbitration

VII. The Judgment of an Industrialist

VIII. The Evacuation of the Factories

IX. The D ’Annunzio Peril

X. Payments and Dismissals

XI. An Interview with Toeplitz

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