Robert Davies et al. The Industrialisation of Soviet Russia, Volume 7.Robert Davies et al.

Robert Davies – Mark Harrison – Oleg Khlevnyuk – Stephen Wheatcroft. The Industrialisation of Soviet Russia, Volume 7. The Soviet Economy and the Approach of War, 1937–1939.

Londres: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.

450 páginas.


1 – The Repressions of 1937–1938 and the Soviet Economy

The Nomenklatura Purge

The Mass Purge

The Effect of the Repressions on the Economy

2 – The Political Context of Economic Change: 1937 to the Spring of 1939

The Advance of German and Japanese Aggression

The Revised Political Ideology

Politics and Society in 1937 and 1938

3 – The Economic Slowdown of 1937

The 1937 Plan: The Shift Back to More Balanced Growth

Plans and Purges

The First Half of 1937

The Second Half of 1937

4 – 1937 in Retrospect

Capital Investment

The GULAG Economy

Industrial Production

The Defence Industries

Labour and Labour Productivity

Agriculture: Plans and Policies

Agriculture: Operations and Outcomes

Internal Trade and Consumption

Foreign Trade

5 – The Soviet Population and the Censuses of 1937 and 1939

The Much-Delayed Census of 1937

Carrying Out the 1937 Census

The 1937 Census Outcomes Suppressed

1938 and Preparations for the 1939 Census

Popov’s Warning

Outcomes of the 1939 Census

The Two Censuses in Retrospect

6 – The Partial Recovery of the Economy in 1938

The Temporary Collapse and Revival of Planning

The GULAG Economy 168 3 Industrial Growth

The Defence Industries

The Railway Crisis

Internal Trade

Foreign Trade

7 – Agriculture in 1938 and 1939

The Agricultural Offcials

The Private Sector After 1937

Plans and Policies, 1938

Operations and Outcomes, 1938

Plans and Policies, 1939

Operations and Outcomes, 1939

8 – The Drive for Growth and the Eighteenth Party Congress, January–March 1939

The Third Five-Year Plan

Current Economic Planning

Managing the Industrial Worker

The Eighteenth Party Congress

9 – The Economy in 1939: Further Moves to a War Economy

The Growth of Industry

The Defence Industries

The GULAG Economy

Internal Trade and Consumption

The Soviet-German Accord

10 – The Soviet Economy: The Late 1930s in Historical Perspective

Forced Industrialisation

The Measurement of Economic Performance

Militarisation: A War Economy in Peacetime

The Emergence of the Soviet Union as a World Power

The Reformability of the Soviet Economy

The Nature of Soviet Economic Development

Afterword: The History of the Soviet Union

Appendix A: All-Union People’s Commissariats and Other Agencies of the USSR, 1937–1939

Appendix B: Tables