Rosa Luxemburg. Selected Political and Literary Writings.

Biblioteca / 2000-2009

Rosa Luxemburg. Selected Political and Literary Writings.  

Rosa Luxemburg (1871-1919)

Revolutionary History, Volumen 10, n° 1

Londres: Merlin Press, 2009.



Selected Writings of Rosa Luxemburg

Part I: Biographical and Literary Comments

      I: Adam Mickiewicz

      II: Review: Mehring on Schiller

      III: Tolstoy as a Social Thinker

      IV: Lassalle After 50 Years

Part II: Current Politics

      I: In Defence ofN ationality

      II: The Proletarian Woman

      III: Peace, the Triple Alliance and Ourselves

Part III: Problems of Party Organisation

      I: Russian Party Disputes

      II: On the Split in the Russian Social Democratic Duma Group

      III: Observation on the International Socialist Bureau Session, 13-14 December 1913

      IV: On the Situation in the Russian Social Democracy

      V: After the Jena Congress

      VI: Open Letter On Splitting, Unity and Resigning

Charles Wesley Ervin, Selina Perera: The ‘Rosa Luxemburg of Sri Lanka’

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