Clara Zetkin. Letters and Writings.

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Clara Zetkin. Letters and Writings.  

Clara Zetkin (1857-1933)

Editado por Mike Jones y Ben Lewis. 

Revolutionary History, nueva serie, n° 1.

Londres:  Merlin Press, 2015. 345 páginas.



Clara Zetkin: Letters and Writings

Clara Zetkin, The Servant Girls’ Movement

Gisela Notz, Clara Zetkin and the International Socialist Women’s Movement

Clara Zetkin, Against the Theory and Tactics of Social Democracy

Ottokar Luban, Clara Zetkin’s Influence on the Spartacus Group, 1918-1919

Clara Zetkin, Guidelines for the Communist Women’s Movement

Clara Zetkin, Letters to Lenin

Clara Zetkin, The Struggle Against Fascism

Günter Wernicke, Clara Zetkin’s Opposition to Sidelining of Comrades in the Comintern and KPD in the Mid-1920s

Horst Helas, Clara Zetkin’s ‘Filthy Letter’

Clara Zetkin, The Bourgeois Women’s Movement

Clara Zetkin, Letter to the Politbureau of the Central Committee of the CPSU

Clara Zetkin’s Speech to the ECCI

Clara Zetkin, Letters to Fanny Jezierska

Clara Zetkin, Letter to Wilhelm Pieck

Clara Zetkin, Opening Speech of the Reichstag as its Oldest Member, 30 August 1932

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Other Material

Dan Gallin, The Party of the Last Chance

Ron Heisler, Sam Bornstein (1920-1990): An Appreciation

Work in Progress

Charles Wesley Ervin, Raj Narayan Arya (1926-2014)

Obituaries: Doris Bornstein, Clarence Chrysostom, Pierre Mauroy, Dave Williams


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