Sakari Hänninen, Leena Paldán (eds.) Rethinking Marx.

Biblioteca / 1980-1989

Sakari Hänninen, Leena Paldán (eds.) Rethinking Marx.

Berlín: Argument-Verlag, 1984.

Table of Contents

Editorial Note / S. Hänninen – L. Paldán

Historical and Persepctives of Marxism

The “Living” and the “Dead” in Karl Marx’s Theory / Furio Cerutti

Learning the Dialectics of Marxism / Wolfgang Fritz Haug

Marxism in Crisis: The Decline of the Marxist Myth / Carla Pasaquinelli

Thinking Marxism Historically / Detlev Albers

The Status of Marxist Philosophy / Georges Labica

Summary of Discussions / Rachel Sharp

Historical Materialism

The Controversy over Materialism / Ernesto Laclau

What Marxism? A Propos Marx and Societal Evolution / Antoni Domènech

The Concept of Machine and the Thesis of an Epoch of Manufacture in Marx’s “Capital” / Rainer Winkelmann

Notes on Critical and Uncritical Materialism within Marx’s Analysis of Industry / Hans-Peter Müller

Summary of Discussion / Jacques Bidet

Science and Rationality

The Rationality of a Critical Concept / Jean-Pierre Cotten

Marxism and Modernization / Sven-Eric Liedman

The Logical, the Historical and the Forms of Value / Veikko Pietilä

Marx and Hegel / Solange Mercier-Josa

Summary of Discussion / Karen Ruoff

Critique of Political Economy

Marx and Work: The Immiserization Discourse or the Logic of Ruptures and Contradictions / Frigga Haug

Capitalism – Dying or Becoming? / Pekka Kosonen

“Wealth” as an Aspect of the Critique of Capital / Georg Lohmann

Labour-Value a Political Category / Jacques Bidet

Value Theory and Public Finance / Michael Krätke

Summary of Discussion / Jószef Bayer

Nation, Culture and Ideology

Marxism and the Myth of an “African Ideology” / Paulin Hountondji

Is There a Marxist Theory of Nation? / Leopoldo Mármora

Marxism an the Nation / Günter Minnerup

The “Human Essence” or the Circle of “Social Idealism” in Marxism / Lauri Mehtonen

Schooling Foro r Beyond the Crisis? / Rachel Sharp

What Can be Learned from Marx on Education? / Rolf Nemitz

“Critique of Ideology” and “Class Consciousness” / Bozidar Sekulic

Worktime? Leisure Time? Disposable Time! / Volker Gransow

The “18th Brumaire”: Comedy or Trauerspiel? / Marx Sagnol

Summary of Discussion / Michael Krätke

Classes and New Social Movements

Towards a Theoretical Interpretation of “New Social Movements” / Chantal Mouffe

New Social Movements and the Transformation of Politics / Thomas Heilmann

The Naked Proletarian and the Organicity of Classes / Michael Bodemann

Summary of Discussion / Frieder Wolf

Politics, Power and the State

Notes Towards a Reformulation of State Theory / Joachim Hirsch

On the Concept of Power within Marxian Theory / Michael Jäger

Rethinking Marx’s Discourse on Democracy / Sakari Hänninen

Marxism and Revolution by Majority / Minoru Kitamura

Marxism and the British Labour Tradition / Donald Sassoon

What Does “The Productive Forces Will Burst the Capitalist Relations of Production” Mean? / Karl Tjaden

The Growing Role of Subjectivity in Every Current Project of Socialism / Joaquim Sempere

Summary of Discussion / Thomas Heilmann

The “Withering Away of the State”

Farewell to Marxist Eschatology / Erich Wulff

The Relevance of the Withering-Away-of-the-State-Thesis / Wieland Elfferding

The Future of Marxist Politics / Frieder Wolf

Summary of Discussion / Sakari Hänninen

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