William Rosenberg (ed.) Bolshevik Visions: First Phase of the Cultural Revolution in Soviet Russia

Biblioteca / 1980-1989

William Rosenberg, editor. Bolshevik Visions. First Phase of the Cultural Revolution in Soviet Russia.

Ann Arbor: Ardis Publishers, 1984.

506 páginas.


Editor’s Introduction

I. What a Communist Ought to be Like


Tasks of the Youth Leagues (Bourgeois and Communist Morality) (1920) – V. I. Lenin

What a Communist Ought to be Like (1922) – N. Krupskaya

Communist Ethics (1922) – A. A. Solts

Bringing Up the Young Generation (1922) – N. Bukharin

Revolution and the Cultural Tasks of the Proletariat (1918) – P. I. Lebedev-Polyansky

II. The New Man and New Woman: Sex Roles, Marriage and the Family


The Family and the Communist State (1918) – A. Kollontai

From the Old Family to the New (1923) 89 L. Trotsky Make Way for the Winged Eros (1923) 96 A. Kollontai

From the Old Family to the New (1923) – L. Trotsky

Make Way for the Winged Eros (1923) – A. Kollontai

The Sex Life of Man (1924) – L. A. and L. M. Vasilevsky

How Can We Protect the Children? (1924) – The Mother of a Child

The Law, Life, and Everyday Living (1925) – Letters to Pravda and Izvestiya

The “Winged Eros” of Comrade Kollontai (1923) – P. Vinogradskaya

My Life (The Story of Maria Fedotovna Filipenko) (1924) – From the Journal Delegatka

III. Tasks and Concepts of Revolutionary Social Welfare


The Tasks of Public Health in Soviet Russia (1919) – N. Semashko

The Tasks of Social Welfare in Soviet Russia (1919) – A. Vinokurov

Work of the People’s Commissariat of Health (1920) – N. Semashko

Protection of Mother, Baby, and Child in Russia (1921) – N. Semashko

IV. Religion, Language, and Other “Awkward Habits” of Everyday Life


Habit and Custom (1923) – L. Trotsky

The Fight against Prostitution (1921) – A. Kollontai

The Struggle for Cultured Speech (1923) – L. Trotsky

‘Thou’ and ‘You’ in the Red Army (1922) – L. Trotsky

Communism and Religion (1923) – S. Kheglund (Z. Höglund)

Is the Communist Movement Anti-Religious? (An Answer to Kheglund) (1923) – Em. Yaroslavsky

On Anti-Religious Agitation and Propaganda among Women Workers and Peasants (1921) – Central Committee, RKP

“Calling All Believers”, “Science or Religion?”, “Without God, with Man” (1923) – The Editors of Bezbozhnik

“A Day of Testing in the Commune” (1921) – Pravda, Agitprop essay

V. Proletarian Legality


Proletarian Law (1919) – P. Stuchka

Guiding Principles of Criminal Law in the R.S.F.S.R. (1919) – People’s Commissariat of Justice

The Proletarian Revolution and Criminal Law (1919) – I. Kozlovsky

The Proletariat and Civil Law (1919) – A. Goikhbarg

The Old and New Court (1918) – P. Stuchka

Five Years of Revolution in Law (1922) – P. Stuchka

The General Theory of Law and Marxism (1924) – E. Pashukanis

VI. United Labor Schools: the Nature of a “Communist Education”


Speech to the First All-Russian Congress on Education (1918) – A. Lunacharsky

Basic Principles of the United Labor School (1918) – State Commission on Education

On Factory Schools (1922) – Co-Worker

On the Foundation of the Soviet Educational System: Personal Memoirs (1927) – A. Lunacharsky, P. Grigorev, A. Tolstov

Out of School Education and the “Proletkults” (1919) – V. Kerzhentsev

The Pioneer Youth Movement as a Form of Cultural Work among the Proletariat (1924) – A. Zalkind

Students and Counter-revolution (1925) – A. Lunacharsky

VII. Vodka, the Church, and the Cinema: Workers’ Films and the Uses of Visual Art


Vodka, the Church, and the Cinema (1923) – L. Trotsky

The Method of Making Workers’ Films (1925) – S. Eisenstein

Cinema in the Countryside (1925) – V. Stavnev

From the Memoirs of an Old Cameraman (1959) – A. Lemberg

On the Question of Fine Arts (1918) – A. Andreev

‘Futurism’ and Proletarian Art (1918) – N. Altman

The Proletariat and Leftist Art (1922) – B. Arvatov

Resolution ‘A’ in Art (1919) – K. Malevich

Manifesto (1923) – The Editors of LEF

Contemporary Poster Art (1926) – Ya. Tugenkhold

Art and the Proletarian Revolution (1927) – P. Novitsky

VIII. Revolution, Literature, and the Performing Arts


The Proletarian Theater (1918) – V. Kerzhentsev

The Theater as Tribune (1919) – P. Kogan

Socialist Theater in the Years of the Revolution (1919) – P. Kogan

Storming the Winter Palace (1920) – A Member of the Audience

The Club and Factory Theaters (1920) – Huntley Carter

Proletarian Music (1918) – N. Bryusova

Unforgettable Days (1957) – N. Obukhova

Concerts for the People (1957) – S. Migai

Music and the Cultural Revolution (1927) – N. Malkov

The Ideological Front and Literature (1925) – Resolution of the First All-Union Conference of Proletarian Writers

Revolutionary and Socialist Art (1924) – L. Trotsky

Suggestions For Further Reading